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All Of Our Trees Are Ethically Sourced

Our trees being grown

All our trees are grown from seeds collected from sustainable forests with permission from either the National Trust or the Forestry Commission. They will grow into full mature trees or can be potted for deck plants or made into Bonsai.

Our current crop is being grown in Scotland in preparation for the 2009 Christmas season.

Norway Spruce ~ Picea abies

Best known in Britain as the Christmas tree. It's height may be in excess of 36m. Wood from the Norway Spruce is known as deal and has many uses including roofing, house interiors and paper pulp. The leaves are needle-like, hard and prickly. The new spring growth produces foliage of a much brighter green. The cones ripen in autumn and are decorative.

Fun Fact: Turpentine is extracted from the stem and the bark may be used for tanning.

We also operate the website which offers a wide range of tree species as saplings in recyclable transparent tubes. With many exotic species available, we are able to offer a gift which is earth friendly, educational and which will help to reduce the effect of Global Warming.